Free Trade Zone Company Office is a first-hand  real-life account of registering a Free Trade Zone company in the UAE.

Unlike many other Free Trade Zone websites - living the glamorous brochure - here you find real facts and mishaps in getting a free zone company registered

Being a Free Trade Zone Company owner is an alternative route to obtain foot on the ground in the UAE as a resident. This allows more independence and flexibility while in the UAE compared to being Visa sponsored in another way - such as through buying a house or being sponsored by an employer. is based on real experiences and is intended to enlighten those with similar aspirations. There is no catch, hidden information or anything similar, even more you're invited to comment or bring new information to light.

UAE residence visa requirements

A full - start to finish - Free Zone Company setup including UAE residence visa takes about 2 months. You need to have temporarily access to about 150.000 AED (this depends on the free trade zone). Next to this your need to pay the VISA fee's in case of UAE residency. On top of that the yearly trade license renewal fee.

The starting point is being in the UAE on a visit visa, however it is possible to outsource the whole company setup. There are a lot of obstacles of which the most common are listed here.

The key factor in is knowing how to deal with local culture which is a mix of Indian, Pakistani and Emirati way of doing things with a sauce of western influence. Second factor is the professionalism of the people working at the Free Trade Zone.

For those who are setting up a Free Zone from outside the UAE, the full process can very easily take a LOT more time.

Physical presence in the UAE is absolutely king, because of the local culture and high variance in work processes. Things go a lot quicker when showing up in person at the various institutions involved.

Outsourcing your Free Trade Zone Company setup can speed up the process, or reduce the frustration levels. However success heavily depends on the professionalism of the 3rd party contracted. Ending up with the wrong Free Zone Company can be a costly affair, not to mention the time and money involved correcting mistakes.

The Free Zone Company Setup process starts here.

Critical stages are Registration - Company Capital - Investor Visa - Marriage certificate

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