About Free-Zone-Company.com

The Free-Zone-Company website is the result of a Free Trade Zone Company setup in the UAE in the summer of 2008. The setup was managed by 3 people over a period 2 months, going through each step of the process personally.

The established company is specialized in Management Consultancy, specifically in leading local companies through required change by re-organizing Management, HR, Finance and IT.   

The company partners are Europeans with well established professional careers, either as employee as well as entrepreneur. Total work experience adds up to 50 years in Africa, Middle-East, Asia and Europe.

Because of our profession we looked at the Free Zone Company setup, through our own professional lens. Specifically at the performance of the Free Trade Zone's, Government institutions and 3rd parties involved in terms of knowledge, skills and behaviors of the people in involved.

Free-Zone-Company.com contains a few of those observations for several Free Trade Zone's in the UAE.
Where ever you can benefit from it, feel free to use any of the information on this website.

In case you want to contact us, please go to the contact section - for suggestions, questions or remarks.

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