Authenticated, Translated Marriage Certificate

A Marriage Certificate is required to obtain a family visa or other official family related matters. The marriage certificate has to go through an authentication process to guarantee the marriage certificate is real. This kind of international authentication generally known as an apostille service.

Marriage Certificate Apostille

The UAE authentication process is about getting an approval stamp from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This institution only accepts ORIGINAL marriage certificates in English or Arabic with an approval stamp from the local consulate / embassy of your country in the UAE.

Now there are two main barriers in the UAE authentication process:

  1. -Your ORIGINAL marriage certificate is not in English
  2. -Your country is not represented in the UAE.

If  both are the case it will be very unlikely you'll be able to arrange these documents while you're in the UAE. Your presence in your home country is likely to be necessary to get a marriage certificate with approval stamp of the Ministry of Interior on an English or Arabic translated Marriage Certificate.

In case your marriage certificate is not in English and your country is represented in the UAE, read on - there's an official solution stated below.

Required documents for Authentication

To start with you need the following:

  1. - Marriage certificate from your home country. (possibly in your native language)
  2. - Both passports
  3. - Translation fee (if Marriage Certificate is not in English / Arabic)
  4. - Authentication fee (See below)
  5. - Time, Determination, Patience and a good mood


Marriage certificate authentication

The ORIGINAL marriage certificate is authenticated (attested) by your consulate / embassy in the UAE or by the ministry in your home country. If the consulate provides a Marriage Certificate in English, then only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai need to attest the English consulate/embassy document.

If the document from the Embassy / Consulate is NOT in English, an official Arabic or English translation is needed. There are official government recognized Arabic / English translators in Dubai.

Dubai Courts - Notary has translators in the court building. The Dubai Traffic department is next door.

The Dubai Courts - Notary has a translator, officially recognized by the Dubai Courts. Translators are working at the Dubai Courts building in Al Barsha - next to the Dubai Traffic Department. The company at this moment is Turjman. The Turjman office in Dubai: 04-3932227.

After translation the ORIGINAL translation of the Marriage Certificate needs to go back to your local Embassy / Consulate in the UAE to authenticate the English or Arabic translation.

Next the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai need to attest the Arabic / English translated consulate/embassy document. This takes 1 working day (See below of details)

If possible hand out copies of this document or try to get the original back.

Note:: the same process applies for child birth certificates.

Marriage Certificate details

To go through this process you need to show both passports at the consulate / embassy and pay the fee for getting it authenticated. When one of 2 is outside the country, obtaining this document might prove to be difficult.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in Dubai on the 7th floor, Union National Bank Building, opposite Etisalat in Deira. Go to Room No. 4, get signature from first official. Go to Room 5, collect token and wait for your turn. Pay at counter (AED 150/- = express fee) when your token number is announced. Then go to Room 6 for final signature.

  Attested Marriage Certificate - Approval stamp from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Marriage Certificate with stamp from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Emiraties & Women have priority in the queue and get the stamping done quicker. Dress modestly and turn your mobile phone off - seriously. (as sign posted). Rules are strictly observed - violators (specially on the mobile phone) are removed from the office immediately. During Ramadan opening times are 9:30 - 12:00. Door closes in Ramadan way before 12:00 - so get in early.

The attestation office of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is very busy. It's typical 'asian' run government institution. So get ready to join the waiting ceremony. Come as early as possible, there is no parking space (take a taxi) and the office is hardly sign posted.