Free Zone Company - after setup

UAE Company Trade License aftermath

The moment the Free Trade Zone Company has obtained it's Company Trade License, things get a bit easier.

To really speed things up in dealing with government institutions - just after the Company Trade License is obtained -  is to already have the following sorted:
  Internet Domain name : Get your domain name registered, when starting Company Registration
  Letterhead with company logo : The Internet Domain Name  is mentioned on paper
  Business Cards: Company e-mail address is mentioned on the business card
  Company stamp : The stamp is the company signature - and is needed on company letters

It is possible to outsource all this to the Free Trade Zone, or a 3rd party taking care of the company registration, however it's better to be as independent as possible. In case you're outside the UAE, arrange the above in your home country.

Company letterhead and business cards

Outsourcing business cards and website development to local UAE companies absolutely requires local presence. "First time right" is an unknown phenomena and getting your companies order prioritized only works by showing up in person. And even then getting things right requires stamina, determination and a good mood.

Website domain and hosting

Please note that the UAE has an Internet filter run by Etisalat and Du. If you happen to host your website on a blacklisted (shared) website server, your website will not be visible within the UAE. It depends on the other websites on the same shared website server. If your business heavily depends on a website in the UAE, it's best to choose a dedicated web (non-shared) server only for your business website.

PAYG prepaid cell phone numbers

Also,be careful with temporary Pay As You Go / visitor line mobile telephone numbers on business cards. Etisalat had many cases since September 2008 where prepaid mobile telephone numbers were disconnected without warning *WITHOUT* the possibility to recover the mobile number due to an error in the Etisalat cellular network. Not only the number was lost, also the balance was purged after disconnection. Very unfortunate - so migrate to non-temporary numbers to avoid loosing it.

The UAE company stamp

The Company Stamp is of utmost importance when dealing with government institutions. The Stamp is the signature of your company. Getting a company stamp can prove to be a lengthy ordeal in the UAE - don't be surprised if it suddenly takes a few weeks.

Don't be fooled here - stamp makers DO know about the importance of a company stamp. Stamp makers are perceived as locksmiths - and their profession as a craft. They tend to be reluctant to make stamps for everyone who asks for one.

The UAE company stamp usually contains the following information:

  1. The company name in Arabic script. (phonetic)
  2. The company name in Roman/Latin (Usually English)
  3. The P.O. Box number and location
  4. The name of the Free Trade Zone and location
The UAE Company stamp - the signature of the company

The UAE company stamp is of atmost importance when dealing with UAE government

The round - circular shaped stamp is a common sight. The top of the outside ring usually contains the Arabic translation - the bottom half the company name in roman/latin script. In case your company name is not in Latin/Roman script - make sure you have a roman/latin script variant as mentioned on the Free Trade Zone registration.

Usually, the company name in Arabic is a phonetic translation. Make sure the translation is done right and doesn't result in funny, strange or names that relate to other Arabic  / UAE companies or institutions.

However it is possible to get a company stamp made within a day - requiring you as the owner - to be at the counter of the stamp maker with copies of original documents, passport, visa and full determination and persuasion to get that company stamp made on the spot. If you really need the stamp fast, that is most likely the only way to make things happen. An example of getting the company stamp made fast is the UAE driving licence.