Free Zone Company Formation

Overview Free Zone Company Formation

During the Company Formation process  most of the official paper work for your Free Zone Company is created. It's a critical stage - so review your Company Formation paperwork carefully before signing!

The next step after Company Formation is opening a corporate bank account.
The previous step is registering at the Free Trade Zone.

What do you need for Free Zone Company formation:

  • Formal Go ahead from the Free Trade Zone to start the Free Zone Company Formation.
  • Payment receipt of the invoice for the costs of registering the Free Zone Company
  • Passport (or legal representative)
  • Passport Visa (can be a UAE visit visa or Residence visa from the legal representative)
  • Agreement who the Free Zone Company manager will be.
  • Presence of the company owner(s) or legal representative(s).

UAE Free Zone Company Formation Documents

Company formation requires a lot of reading of official
- take your time to get things right here.

It is possible to appoint a legal representative through a Power of Attorney. This can be done at the Dubai Courts in presence of you and the legal representative. The process takes about 2-3 hours including Arabic translation of the documents at the typing office. The legal representative can sign all Company Formation Documents while the legal company owner is outside the country.

The Power of Attorney can be a work around for the short 30 day UAE visit visa's. The visa is just too short to go through the whole company setup process.

Company Formation Process:

Creation of all legal company formation documents by the Free Trade Zone and signing them in person at the Free Trade Zone office:

  • - Articles of Association
  • - Memorandum of Association
  • - Power of Attorney (for the manager)
  • - Certificate of Formation

After your part of signing the required Company Formation documents, the Free Trade Zone will also sign. This takes another few days before the documents are officially released and in your hands.

Company Formation Result

  • Approval and legalization of the Company Trade name
  • Legal Free Zone Company Formation Documents
  • Letter for your bank of choice in the UAE to create a UAE Corporate Bank Account.
  • Assignment of the manager of the new Free Zone Company

Company Formation details

Important is to check all company details on the official Company Formation Documents BEFORE signing. Any errors here will haunt you later on in the process. Typing mistakes in names are very common, take your time to go through all names of the persons and associated details. A second revision has the same chance on typing mistakes, check all names and associated details again.

When there are more investors, the manager of the company has a power of attorney to act in the name of the company. Usually this is also the person who opens the UAE Corporate Bank Account.