Free Zone Muscat in Oman

23 Oct 2011
Posted by The Free Zone

The Free Trade Zone Company concept is fairly new in the Sultanate of Oman, starting of in 2002 by royal decree. Currently there are 4 free trade zone’s in Oman, with one operating in the Muscat area. For those looking to setup a Free Trade Zone company in the Muscat region, have a look at the Muscat Free Trade Zone KOM in Oman.

Free Zone Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman

KOM – Knowledge Oasis Muscat, is a Free Trade Zone allowing full foreign company ownership in Oman. It’s currently the only Free Trade zone in the Muscat region – which is a 4 hour drive from Dubai in the UAE.

Muscat Free Trade Zone - Knowledge Oasis Muscat
Muscat Free Trade Zone - Knowledge Oasis Muscat

Located near the Sultan Qaboos University and the Seeb International airport, KOM is setup to attract foreign companies active in the technology and knowledge-based industry.

Free Zone Muscat is an initiative of the government owned Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE). The PEIE improves Oman’s position as a regional centre for  manufacturing, ICT and innovation.

Free Zone company in Muscat - Oman

Knowledge Oasis Muscat already has an impressive customer base – serving global IT companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Motorola, NCR, Huawei and several more.

The website of Muscat Free Trade Zone - Knowledge Oasis Muscat
The website of Muscat Free Trade Zone - Knowledge Oasis Muscat

An impression of companies established in the Muscat free zone – Knowledge Oasis Muscat:

 Total Alignment business transformation / change services
 Arabian Research Bureau for data generators, analysts and economic analysis
 Mazoon Environmental and Technological Services (METS)
 Zelda International for services in the professional security and communication engineering industry
 Microsystems LLC develops IT solutions for government agencies and business organizations

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