Muscat becomes a global metropole

31 Jan 2011
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In about 10 years from now the Oman capital Muscat bids to become a global metropole. Muscat Municipality has launched a mega project at 24 locations, showcased in the Majestic Muscat exhibition. An impression of what's about to change in the streets of Muscat.

Muscat Municipality launches urban mega project

During the inaugurating of the Majestic Muscat exhibition, Dr Yahya bin Mahfoodh Al Mantheri, chairman of the State Council, said, "It is heartening to see what Muscat Municipality is planning. The aim of the projects is to upgrade Muscat city and lend a touch of modernity. Most importantly it will not tamper with the historical and aesthetical value the city carries. It will allow the people who live in Oman to enjoy the new facilities."

Majestic Muscat in Oman reshapes its future to become a global metropolis
Muscat's well known incense burner located in the Mutrah district in the center of the capital city.

The Muscat capital transformation is designed to pursue a holistic sustainable way of life. The exhibition, Majestic Muscat - Our City, Our Future - opened at the BankMuscat head office at Airport heights offered a sneak preview of the upcoming projects. While some of the projects are already started and likely to be completed as early as 2012, the others are expected to be completed in about 10 years.

International companies reshape Majestic Muscat

In order to establish the highest possible quality and timely delivery, urban planning and architecture companies with a global reputation, such as France, Denmark, Norway, Australia and also from Oman, have been given the opportunity of the implementation of the projects.

Majestic Muscat in Oman - view of Al Bustan road near Wadi Kabir
Al Bustan road near Wadi Kabir in Muscat Oman - becoming a global metropole

Majestic Muscat, on its completion, will change the face of Muscat
. It will boost the nation's economic strength, employment opportunities and tourism potentials.

Majestic Muscat project overview

A mix of international Architects create the new Majestic Muscat. Remarkable is the presence of four Scandinavian companies from Norway and Denmark.

WS Atkins of Oman is in charge of the Sultan Qaboos Boulevard project.

Wadi Adai Pedestrian Bridge, Muttrah Fish Market and Al Khuwair Vegetable Market will be handled by Snohetta, Norway.

Majestic Muscat in Oman - The new Muttrah fishmarket redesigned
Majestic Muscat - The new Muttrah fishmarket reshaped - Snohetta Architect website

Architecture Studio of France will be working on Seeb Seafront Plaza.

Majestic Muscat in Oman - international companies shape it's future
Majestic Muscat - The Cultural center on Architecture Studio in France website

Gelh Architects from Denmark
has been contracted for projects including Al Mawaleh Souk, Waterfront Square at Shatti Al Qurum, Muttrah Central Business District, Al Qurum Festival Square and Muttrah Corniche.

Majestic Muscat in Oman - Gehl architects reshaping the waterfront in Muscat
Majestic Muscat in Oman - Gehl architects reshaping the waterfront in Muscat -  Gehl Architect website

Parsons Oman will take care of Seeb Waterfront and Jensen & Skodvin Architects from Norway will handle Hawiyat Najim Park project.

The Minaret has been given to Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects from Denmark.

Various landscaping projects such as the Al Amerat Park, Wadi Al Lawami, Al Mubila Park and Al Qurum Commercial District, will be undertaken by Atelier Jacqueline Osty et Associes, France. Al Azaiba Park and Naseem Park will also be handled by them.

Muscat Muncipality will be in charge of Al Barakat Park and Al Amerat Square.

The projects Al Khuwair Park and Activity Hub, Al Hamriyah Terraced Park, Al Jami Street Upgrade, Muscat Plaza, Ruwi Central Business District and Wadi Al Kabir Park will be designed by Project Architecture Pty Ltd from Australia.

International companies involved in Majestic Muscat

The following international companies are involved in the development of Majestic Oman:

Scandinavian region:

  Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects in Denmark.
  Jensen & Skodvin Architects from Norway
  Gelh Architects from Denmark
  Snohetta in Norway

European region

  Architecture Studio in France
  Atelier Jacqueline Osty et Associes in France.

Middle-East & Pacific region:

  Project Architecture Pty Ltd in Australia.
  WS Atkins in Oman
  Parsons Oman

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