Obtaining visa's for members of your family

What do you need to obtain family residence visa's?

On December 2007, the following is required

  1. E-gate card or spouse passport
  2. Applicant passport
  3. Application form
  4. Copy Trade License
  5. Marriage Certificate
  6. 11 passport pictures
  7. Signature of the sponsor - (the husband)

The process

Start the registration for residence application

  1. - Start the application process at the Free Zone (if you decide to outsource it)
  2. - Husband signs the visa application form to confirm.
  3. - Collect pink slip for visa change if already in the country. (else receive pink slip by mail)
      From here there are 60 days from the issue date to get the 60 day visa (employment)
  4. - Go to border to change visa status (else enter the country with pink slip)
      From here there are 60 days to acquire residency visa

Apply for residency visa (within 60 days after entry)

  1. - Do Medical test & finger print
  2. - Deliver medical results and passport (from here you can't travel outside the UAE)
  3. - Immigration form is created based on the results of 1)
  4. - Husband signs the immigration form

Wait for the residency visa to arrive

  1. - Passport is stamped with the residence visa

Duration: 2-3 weeks
Note: Children do not have to go through the medical test.

The Result

Residence Visa in passport of family members

Family residence visa details

The residence family visa application must be done in the UAE state where the immigration file is opened by the sponsor. (Usually the husband) However medical test can be done in different state - ask at the free-zone to lower the family residence visa fee. You have to pay the medical testing yourself in this case.

It can either go through the Free Zone or you can apply directly at the immigration office. It saves a couple UAD 100 but requires a lot more time to go through the lengthy application process. Recommend to apply through Free Zone.

The pink slip is a similar document as for the employment visa. When outside the country it needs to be shipped by papermail first to be able to enter the country on a 60 day temporary visa. (for the medical and finger printing.) It possible to avoid going to the border by paying a fee for internal visa change when already in the country.

The "pink slip" is valid for 60 days after issue, when entering the UAE, the stamp is valid for another 60 days.

Usually for married women, the "Pink Slip" mentions "Housewife" as profession.

Note the special requirements for the marriage certificates.
Same applies for birth certificates.