Oman - Saudi border almost ready

21 Feb 2011
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The first Oman - Saudi land border station is expected to be opened in 2012. Construction is stepped up by the Saudi government in 2010 to complete the 592 Km road crossing a part of the Empty Quarter, one of the largest deserts in the world. A few details about this new border.


The Rub Al-Khali - Ramlat Khaliya border crossing

The new land border will be known as the Rub Al-Khali (Empty Quarter) border station on the Saudi side and Ramlat Khaliya border on the Omani side.

The desert road construction started in 2007. The total length of the new road is 750 km. The new road is diverted from the Khorais-Bathaa Road and passes through Shayba and Umm Zamoul.

Top-right: The Omani Ramlat Khaliya border station - Bottom-left: The Omani - Saudi border

The road on the Omani side is near completion, with the Saudi's stepping up construction, the two countries are officially linked by road in 2012. At present those who want to go to Oman from Saudi Arabia has to traverse the UAE.

The new border allows direct trade over the land border instead of transiting cargo through the UAE causing extra delay and paperwork for truckers. GCC or non-GCC based vehicles do not need a Carnet de Passage to cross borders with in the Arabic peninsula.

According to statements after talks between Minister of Interior Prince Naif and his Omani counterpart Saud Al-Bousaeedi on Dec. 3, 2006, the border point was planned to be operational in 2008. But the construction of the road project delayed the opening.

New border between 2 tri-junctions

The new Rub Al-Khali border post is located between 2 trijunction borders - a land border between 3 countries. The nearest is the Oman - UAE - Saudi trijunction border in the North. The second is located in the west between Oman, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Both trijunction borders have remarkable features. The UAE border with Saudi is demarcated from the tri-junction border over the full length, while the Oman border has no demarcation at all.

Top-left: The road following the UAE-Saudi border - Center: Saudi -UAE - Oman trijunction border

The Oman, Saudi Arabia and Yemen tri-junction is set at the grid location N51 E21. According to descriptions the location is marked with 19 poles. The Saudi side of this tri-junction shows signs of a desert road.

Top: The Saudi road leading to the  Saudi - Yemen - Oman tri-junction border

The new border in the press:

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