Preparations for Free Zone Company setup

Free Zone Company setup preparations

Registering a Free Zone Company requires a lot of official paperwork. It pays off to have most of the paperwork done before setting up.

Free Trade Zone office space in DUBAI - UAE
Free Trade Zone office space that comes with a Trade License in DUBAI - UAE.

Examples of a few time consuming documents for setting up a Free Trade Zone Company are:

- Authenticated, Translated Diploma

- Translated Foreign Bank statement

- Authenticated, Translated Marriage Certificate

- Authenticated Translated Child Birth Certificate

Getting diploma's and marriage certificates authenticated requires trips to embassies, ministries and authorized translators. Getting it done before traveling to the UAE saves a lot of time and frustration afterwards. In the end it's the Free Trade Zone who decides. Triple check their requirements with different persons. High variance of the answers indicates a bumpy process down the road.

In addition, enough days on a (visit) visa helps a lot, while staying in Dubai. With the new visa rules, since 1 august 2008,  the standard 30 days are likely to short to get to the step Employment visa. Setting up with 2 partners is an advantage - one can continue while the other is out the country to renew a visa. A power of attorney is necessary to keep the setup process going. This requires a visit at the public notary, a 2 hour process including a translation into Arabic.