Release of the Free Zone Corporate Capital


With the fresh trade license of your Free Trade Zone Company you need to release the company capital at your bank.

The next step is applying for an investor visa - if you want to live in the UAE.
The previous step is the release of your trade license.

What do you need to access your corporate back account?

Your Free Zone Company trade license

The Process

Releasing the investor capital and issuing checkbooks, ATM cards, Internet banking, Telephone banking.

Duration: 1 working day


The result

  1. - Pincodes
  2. - User id for internet banking
  3. - (HSBC) security token
  4. - Corporate bank account open for use.


Bank release details

HSBC Internet Banking must be setup through an authentication procedure. For this a USER-ID (CBA) is required which is generated during the hand-over procedure of the Internet Banking tools. Don't be surprised if it's handwritten on a piece of paper.

After the authentication procedure HSBC Internet Banking is for viewing only. To do transfers account security has to be setup using signature groups. Each signature group has a transfer limit with separate users. For the CBA, only the limit has to be set. After this transfers can be issued immediately by the CBA holder without further steps.

For additional HSBC Internet Banking Users, a new user can be created by the CBA holder. The new users can only start transfers after identification at a local HSBC branch. Here each user gets a USER_ID and a HSBC security token, The above procedure is executed again for each user. (Authentication only)